Concept Joinery has been Designing, Manufacturing and Installing Timeless Kitchens since 1999

At the heart of any home is the kitchen. It is a place where people come together as a family to relax in each others company. Throughout the design process, we combine your ideas, and years of quality craftsmanship, to see Your vision of the perfect kitchen come to life.

We create all styles of kitchens, from country to contemporary, Victorian to French Provincial, traditional to modern, whatever style you and your budget have in mind. With a meticulous eye for detail, we show you how best to maximise available space, and produce a truly personalised kitchen that is exquisitely beautiful, and a pleasure to use.

Our dedicated team take great pride in their craft and work with the highest quality materials to achieve the look and feel that you are after. Adventurous in nature, we look past, current and future trends, and combine innovative storage solutions and ultra-modern conveniences to produce truly functional kitchens that are built to last. Our kitchens can also be tailored to assist the elderly and disabled with independent everyday living.

Not limited by kitchens, we are available to produce all types of custom joinery, including entertainment units, bathroom vanities, office and bedroom furniture. We specialise in antique, and believe that the beauty of this type of furniture lies within the detail. Whether it be to replicate a beautiful piece, create an original or complete a set, from the knobs to the finish of the coating, we are dedicated to creating final item that you will love.

It is our pleasure to create for you, something that will have pride of place in your family home, for many years to come.